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      United States 

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Cheap International Calling Plans

Save money on your international calls with Yepvoice's Calling Platform that is widely known for her unmatched industry feature rich Platform and mobile App, with exceptional services and true caller ID that delivers premium voice call qualities.

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second Phone Number

Add a second phone line, through which you can make and receive calls from any country of your choosing and roam seemlessly globally. This service is availabe to you, regardless of your geographical location.

Let's Get Started

Popular Choice Plans

Yepvoice Local, Long Distant & International Calling Plans

Basic Calling Plan



  • Basic International Pay As You Go Calling Plan.

Pinless Calling

PINLESS dialling is a breeze at Yepvoice. We have eliminated the need to enter your PIN number, each time you want to make a call, while still maintaining the security of your account and profile. Our PINLESS calling card will make your calling experience a breeze, try it today.

Virtual Number

You can now get a second telephone number. With our Virtual Number or DID facility, getting a virtual number is just a few clicks away. You can configure this second number to ring to your Yepvoice App or forward it to a SIP IP address or better still have the number ring to another number.

International Roaming

You can now travel globally and still can be reached on your current phone number without incurring expensive roaming charges. Buy a Yepvoice second phone number; Configure it to ring to your new international phone number; Then forward your current phone to your Yepvoice second phone number.

Mobile Top Up

Transfering credit or doing a mobile top up is now possible with our new system. Do you want to top up love one's phone number abroad or local? Do you want to instantly transfer credit into their phones? This service is for you and it is easy to use.

Auto Recharge

Set it and forget it and our system will take care of the rest. You will never run out of credit with auto recharge. You set the trigger point and the recharge amount and our system will make sure that your account is always up to date with the necessary credit to make your call.

How It Works

Sign up

Sign up is very easy, use the link above or download our Google or Apple App from the App Store.

Purchase Plan

If you do not like the default Yepvoice Calling Plan, there are many other plans to choose from.

Dial Access Number

With Yepvoice In-App Calling, you do not need an access number, simply dial the number.

Dial Destination Number

Prefix your destination number with the country code e.g. +1 or +234 before making a call.


Recharge within the App or in your online profile, setting up Auto Recharge is made easier.

Phone Card Worldwide Service

We have local access Numbers in many Countries worldwide, it is then very easy to use our services in these locations. Our mobile App is also a very convenient way to use our services worldwide.

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend to our service and when they sign and purchase their first calling or register for any of our services, we give you A 5% discount toward your next service or refill.

Wholesale Voice Termination

We offer volume wholesale voice termination service. Use the contact page or Partner page to reach us and tell us about your about your wholesale voice needs and your desire routes.

Download your phone card app here


Customer Reviews

Amy Decosta

I switched services from another international calling app to yepvoice and their services has been very good.


Eniola Ogundele

Yepvoice has made calling Nigeria from the US a very good experience for me. I use their services a lot of time to call back home.


John Dwayne

Yepvoice caller ID masking feature is superb, I think they are the only provider with this feature and I use it a lot, it provides a peace of mind.


Bhavin Acharya

I have use Yepvoice App service to call India many times. I like Yepvoice Virtual Number feature and I can set my caller ID to an Indian Number.