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Our vision is to fill a gap in Voice Over IP delivery and whole services.

There are many rich, convenient feature in VoIP calling that will improve the life, social status and improve our business interaction and we have noticed that our competitors do not offer these features to the general public and in cases where they are offered, they usually come with additional cost, fee, etc.

Our goal is to bring these features to you at no additional price. It is out believe that, it is unfair to be charged maintenance fees, disconnection fees, termination fees, per call fees, etc when making your calls. It is unfair for your calling PIN to expire, it is unfair to charge your maintenance fee, usage fee, per call fee and every other miscellaneous fees.

We have come to change that and have made a commitment to offer our services without any of these fees. You will now be able to enjoy your calling experience with peace of mind.

Many of the features that our platform brings to you includes; PINLESS Phone Cards, International Roaming, DID Forwarding, Hotlines, Mobile Top, etc.

We have also invest a lot of money to provide you with the best network and the best calling platform and we have continued to grow and expand and have plans to increase our international footprints, all in a bind to provide better and quality services.

We believe that, your international calling experience should at par with all your local calling experience and for this reason, we have make sure that; there should be no need for you to keeping dialling all those lengthy international numbers, each time you want to call your loved ones, relatives and friends abroad. We will provide local numbers for all your loved ones, relatives and friends abroad; simply dial the local number and you will be connected to them.

Because of our unique international footprint, you can even still your service while travelling or living abroad and even better give it to you relatives abroad and allow them to call you at any time. This will be a convenient way for your elderly ones abroad to have unhindered access to you in case of emergency, family gatherings or when they simply want to keep in touch.

You can also find us in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Our mobile Apps are also PINLESS enabled and you can use them anywhere in the world.

Yepvoice Inc is also a VoIP Wholesale Origination and Termination power house. We will like to hear from you about your wholesale traffic needs and how we can be of help.

We are also looking to expand the footprint of our Reseller Network, Contact US today, if you are interested if you want to join the Yepvoice Reseller Program.

Contact Information

Yepvoice Inc,

370 Pleasantview Avenue,

STE#2-120,Hackensack NJ 07601 US

Tel: +1(855)315-7590

SMS: +1(201)231-7055


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