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Our vision is to fill a gap in Voice Over IP delivery and whole services.

There are many rich and convenient features in VoIP calling that will improve our way of life, social engagements and enhance our interactions. We have noticed that, many of our competitors do not offer these features and you will often need multiple Apps to utilize these features.

Our goal is to bring these features to you on a single seamless platform. Some of these features includes:

  * Caller ID, Ability to Hide or un Hide your number while calling international destinations.

  * International Roaming, Second Telephone Number, Follow Me, Call Forwarding to your App.

  * Call Forwarding to any Phone Number, Call Forwarding to a SIP IP Address, Voicemail.

  * Ringtone Selection, Bulk SMS, International Conference Calling, Mobile Top Up, Credit Transfer.

  * Reseller Program, VOIP Wholesale, And Many more...

Feature Rich International Calling

Yepvoice makes feature rich international calling a breeze, check these features out today...Make the switch and Get started today with Yepvoice, it is not about us, it about these rich calling features...

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Customer Reviews

Amy Decosta

I switched services from another international calling app to yepvoice and their services has been very good.


Eniola Ogundele

Yepvoice has made calling Nigeria from the US a very good experience for me. I use their services a lot of time to call back home.


John Dwayne

Yepvoice caller ID masking feature is superb, I think they are the only provider with this feature and I use it a lot, it provides a peace of mind.


Bhavin Acharya

I have use Yepvoice App service to call India many times. I like Yepvoice Virtual Number feature and I can set my caller ID to an Indian Number.


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