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With our PINLESS Phone Card Service, you will never have to dial a PIN Number again, when you make your International Call. Click on CONTINUE and on the next page indicate the amount of your initial recharge.

After Registering, you can even enable our DID Forwarding feature, aka Hotline on your Account. With Hotline, we will give you a FREE local US or UK number for any international number of your choice.

Store this US number in your address book and dial it to automatically reach your international destination.

You can setup as many Hotlines Numbers as you want, just log into your account and Click on DID Forwarding on the pull down menu on the Left hand side.

For Hotline to work, you must also add the Phone Number, you want to make the call from to PINLESS in your Account.

Your calling PIN will be on your receipt after check and will also be emailed to you, use of our Access Numbers to begin using your service.

When making an international call or entering the number in our DID Forwarding feature, always start with the Country code.

Click CONTINUE below to SIGN UP.

 Service NameDescriptionPrice
New User Send a Text Message to +1(201)231-7055; after refilling your account, to get your $1.00 Sign Up BONUS.
Pay as you go