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While we strive to ensure that the process from signing up to making calls is as effortless as possible, we realize that questions may still arise. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with solutions to aid our customers.

If you are hearing 'Please Enter Your PIN', it means you have not enabled PINLESS on the number you are calling from. Press star (*) to access the advance menu and follow the problem to enabled PINLESS for the telephone number. You can also remove a number from PINLESS from this menu.
We value our PINLESS customers very well and in order to protect their account from caller ID spoofing attacks, we have introduce another layer of security. After making your first call with our new calling card, we advise that you dial our access number again to setup your four(4) digits passcode. You can enter any four(4) digits of your choosing and before you make any subsequent calls, the system will prompt you for your passcode. If you forget your passcode, do not worry, contact us for assistance. You can always change, your existing passcode by accessing the advance option menu by dialing * (star) on your phone.
Unless you use our TOLL FREE number to make your call, we do not charge any fee. When you use any of our LOCAL Access numbers to make your calls, you will not be accessed any connection fees, monthly fees, maintenance fees, disconnection fees, usage fees and your minutes never expires.
Click on MY ACCOUNT in the header section, then select 'Forgot Your Password', supply your email address in the next screen and we will send your password information to your email address.
If you have registered for an account online, you do not need to SIGN UP on the APP, simply login with your username and password.
Email or Text us with all your billing question. Where Applicable include transaction ID, email address and amount.
Ensuring that your Mobile App is set to PINLESS, with VoIP disable will route your call through your local telecommunication provider. This will provide the best voice quality, however note that, applicable charges may apply from your local provider. To enable PINLESS, goto SETTINGS, select NETWORK and CALLING and enable PINLESS (make sure VoIP is disabled).
Simply click on the forgot username/password and a temporary password will be emailed to you with a link to reset/change your password.
Log into your account online and make a payment.
Contact us for details.
Click on LOCAL ACCESS NUMBER, to verify the access number or to pick a new Access Number .
Check our International Access numbers of the Access number page. We currently have international Access Numbers in United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Italy, Sweden and Germany. Please note that, usage fees are applicable when you use our international access numbers.
For the convenience of our customers, all our services are PINLESS by default, to opt of this PINLESS feature, access the advance option by entering *. To add your newly purchased PIN to your exiting PINLESS Profile dial: Dial one of our Access Numbers, and when prompted enter your previously set passcode, then dial * (star) 8, then enter your new PIN number.

Yepvoice Customers, can still use their mobile App abroad, provided that they have access to WiFI services or some type of internet services in their destination country.

Customers, can receive calls to their local US, Canada, UK or current local country phone number while traveling abroad without expensive international telephone charges. To do this, Yepvoice customers have to pre-plan and do the following before traveling abroad:

  1. Update your current address in your Yepvoice Profile page.

  2. Buy your current country local Yepvoice Virtual or DID phone Number.

  3. Configure the Yepvoice Virtual Number to forward all incoming calls to your App or to your international phone number, if you already know this number.

  4. If you don't know the international phone number, forward all calls to your App. You can come back and change this later, even while abroad.

  5. Before powering down your phone at the Airport, forward all incoming calls to your local provider phone number to your Yepvoice Virtual or DID phone Number.

All incoming calls to your local provider phone number will now be forwarded, either to your Yepvoice App or to the number you configured; and you can configure up to two phone numbers, where Yepvoice can forward your calls to.

International Roaming usage and rates are based on advertised rates between the United States of America and the roaming destination country. Customers should check current rates periodically, as rates are subject to change without prior notification. All incoming call to customer's Local Number will be forwarded to the international number provided by customer in their profile.

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