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With a projected 200 million people, Nigeria is the largest black populous country in the World. It is located in African on the Gulf of Guinea and have abundant Natural resources. The economic capital of Nigeria is Lagos, which was also the former central seat of the Nigeria Government, until it was moved to Abuja.

GSM was launched in Nigeria in 2001 and Mobile Telecommunication has took off since then, with a huge population as Nigeria's the Telecommunication terrain is still vastly untapped. Many Nigerians resides abroad and they make international mobile calls back home and they continue to seek cost effective means of making this calls. Yepvoice Inc provide this avenue with her suite of services that include true caller ID to Nigeria.

These are the current GSM operators in Nigeria and their subscriber phone prefix:

MTN Nigeria - 0803,0806,0703,0706,0813,0816,0810,0814,0903.

Glomobile aka Globacom - 0805,0807,0705,0815,0811,0905.

9Mobile (formerly Etisalat NIG) - 0809,0818,0817,0908,0909.

Visafone Communications Limited - 07025,07026,0704.

N-Tel - Nigeria Mobile Telecommunications Ltd. - 0804.

Smile Mobile - 0702.

Airtel NIG (formerly Celtel, Vmobile, Zain)- 0802,0808,0708,0812,0701,0902,0907.

Starcomms - 07028,07029,0819.

Nigeria Communications Commissions (NCC) is tasked with the responsibility of regulating all the GSM operators in Nigeria.

Yepvoice is directly interconnected with Globacom in Nigeria, this ensures that your calls to Nigeria are delievered directly to your calling party and with true caller ID. You can optionally also mask your caller ID, this way you choose when your called party sees your actual caller ID.

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