Using our App, is the best way to enjoy the feature rich experience that Yepvoice provides. Even, with our App, you can still make PINLESS calls, by dialing one of our local access numbers. Your account is secured by a four digit Pass-Phrase code, this feature ensures that, even if your phone number is spoofed, your account is still secured. Your Pass-Phrase is displayed on profile page.

Our calling card is also secured with a four digit Pass-Phrase. When you buy a Calling Card from a local store or online, if your phone is not registered on our system, the first time you entered the PIN from the Calling Card, a four digit Pass-Phrase will be sent to your via an SMS message.

Keep this four digit Pass-Phrase securely as your account is protected by it. You will no longer need the PIN code the next time you dialed one of our access numbers, however you will be prompted to enter your four digit Pass-Phrase.

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