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International Roaming

We provide International Roaming capabilities aka Direct DID, based on call forwarding using our dependable, inexpensive and cheap international call rates.

If you are travelling abroad for an extended period of time and you want your local number to be extended and follow you globally as you travel, this service is for you.

If you have corporate offices abroad and need a local number, through which anyone can reach your offices abroad, this service is for you.

When you are roaming internationally on our network, you only incur costs based on the rate to dial the International Country from the United States of America, plus a $2.00 for each unique DID number assigned to you.

Once you Sign Up for this service, you will be billed for the first month of service, to prevent further recurring billing, cancel the service from your profile or call or contact with details to cancel your service.

With our system, you also save money, because you get a new local number free, as long as it is used once a week and you can easily delete this number from your account at any time to prevent the inactivity billing.

International Roaming Recommendations.

1. If you are travelling for a very short time and want to restrict who can call you abroad, use our PINLESS Phone Card aka DID Forwarding instead.

2. To avoid monthly billing, promptly delete the assigned DID number from your account when not in use or contact us to cancel.

3. You can select another when you are ready to use the service again. Simply log into your account and choose a new number.

4. Forward your cell phone or home number to your assigned DID number before travelling. This is better than giving the DID number out.

5. When you know your new international number, log into your account and map your assigned DID number to the international number.

6. To prevent disruption of service, it is a good idea to enable auto-recharge on your account.

7. If you are travelling to multiple locations abroad, access our website from each location and map this new international number to start receiving calls at your new location.

8. While entering the international number, always start with the international dialling code, e.g. for U.K. enter 44 before entering the number.

9. If you will not be taking advantage of our auto-recharge feature, make sure to load your account with enough credit.

10. SIGN UP for our International Roaming Service to start enjoying these features.

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