International Roaming

Yepvoice Calling Platform provides VOIP International roaming features, that eliminates the needs to incur expensive roaming charges from your traditional telephone provider. By default, you will still be able to use Yepvoice services as you travel, provided you have internet data or WiFi services.

Additionally, you can setup your Yepvoice Virtual Number such that, any incoming calls to your local phone can be forwarded to any telephone number, including international telephone numbers. You can also setup Yepvoice Virtual number to ring to your Yepvoice App or to a SIP IP Address.

To use Yepvoice roaming services, do the following:

  1. Update your current address in your Yepvoice Profile page.

  2. Buy your current country local Yepvoice Virtual or DID phone Number.

  3. Configure the Yepvoice Virtual Number to forward all incoming calls to your App or to your international phone number, if you already know this number.

  4. If you don't know the international phone number, forward all calls to your App. You can come back and change this later, even while abroad.

  5. Before powering down your phone at the Airport, forward all incoming calls to your local provider phone number to your Yepvoice Virtual Number.

All incoming calls to your local provider phone number will now be forwarded, either to your Yepvoice App or to the number you configured; and you can configure up to two phone numbers, where Yepvoice can forward your calls to.

Easy Roaming, Easy International Calls

Yepvoice makes international roaming as easy as breeze, make the switch today...and with Yepvoice incredible international calling features, that is the right call...

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